Reason #17: You can get “Social” with Your Customers

Reason #17: You can get “Social” with Your Customers

Customers and Online Retails are getting "social"! By owning an internet business you are not only able to reach your potential and current customers through your website, but you can converse with them on social media as well. Consumers are turning to social media to find the latest trends and information about the brands and products they love.  They are even helping ecommerce businesses as they are "liking", "sharing", "tweeting" and "pinning" products so their friends and family can see what products they like. Furthermore, they are helping extend the reach of your products and online store to others!

Consumers are widely turning to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to connect with brands. By going social it gives an internet business the ability to start an online conversation with your customers. Social media is a virtual store greeter. Here you can "meet" your customers, share valuable product information, as well as, tips and techniques about your industry. You can use social media to interact with your customers - ask them questions, answer their questions, provide feedback and assistance. Social media is a remarkable "tool" in marketing an internet business and Pure-Ecommerce would like to share with you some informative data on how social media is enhancing the ecommerce industry.

Data shows that over the past few years social media has had a profound effect on the ecommerce industry. Website businesses have seen an increase in traffic, plus consumers are coming from social media pages to purchase from the online business. Forrester reports, online retail sales are anticipated to grow 10% a year for the next 5 years, accounting for 53% of ALL U.S. retail sales by 2014.

David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevance reports, “While social shopping remains a small percentage of total online commerce, our findings show that there are key trends that retailers can glean from consumer habits and preferences in these channels. The key takeaway is that each social channel is unique and can deliver different types of benefits to a brand’s marketing efforts.”

Data shows that of all social sites, Facebook produces more than three times the number of sessions. Although, Pinterest has been gaining on Facebook with 25% of social shopping sessions (up 14% from last year) and now generates more than double the average order value of Facebook. Twitter continues to produce the smallest numbers across the board.

Here are a few key results to examine as you look at how social media impacts ecommerce:

Social Shopping Sessions & Traffic for Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

· With 1.19 billion and growing monthly users, that is why of all social sites, Facebook produces more than 3X the number of sessions. It also drives the most traffic, accounting for 60% of social sessions.

· While Facebook dominates, Pinterest has grown more than 10% in the last year and now accounts for 1.1M sessions.

· Twitter delivers the least amount of social shopping sessions (322K), and accounts for only 5% of traffic.

Leads Converting to Orders through Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

· Facebook’s conversion rate (2.69%) is comparable to that of non-social shopping sessions, which is 2.98%. Facebook generates more than seven times more orders.

· Pinterest and Twitter show conversion rates of .96% and .49%, respectively.

As you can see social media marketing is a key element of bringing your internet business to the online marketplace. When you work with Pure-Ecommerce you will receive 40 hours of Ecommerce Consulting in which we will share with you the latest tips and techniques in setting up, running and marketing your online business. We have a step dedicated to marketing your internet business through on and off line marketing. We concentrate on the most effective methods using social media, blogging and more. As a client of Pure-Ecommerce you will receive exclusive access to our ELearning Library where you will have all of our step information at your finger tips 24/7.  

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