Reason #22: Work with a Reputable Ecommerce Consulting Firm When Starting an Internet Business

Reason #22: Work with a Reputable Ecommerce Consulting Firm When Starting an Internet Business

During the 25 Reasons to Own an Internet Business Countdown we have given you 21 compelling reasons as to why you should own an internet business. Now it is time to switch gears as bit and give you 4 reasons why you should choose to work with Pure-Ecommerce. Over the next four days we will share with you why you should work with Pure-Ecommerce and how this exceptional ecommerce consulting firm can help you in the New Year become a New You as you become the owner of a New Internet Business!

For the past 7 years Pure-Ecommerce has offered internet businesses for sale that provide clients with everything they need to get started ruling their life and owning their own business. Pure-Ecommerce offers what CEO and Founder, Jennifer Varner, calls a “internet business in a box”. What is a business in a box?  An internet business in a box is the solution Jen came up with to help those who have no experience running an ecommerce business be successful.  She learned the hard way what it takes to be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur and she wanted to share that information with others so maybe their road to success is a little less bumpy.

Pure-Ecommerce is an ecommerce consulting which not only creates high quality internet businesses for sale, but also assists their clients with 40 hours of ecommerce consulting in the first year of business. As a client of Pure-Ecommerce you will receive access to the Exclusive ElearningLibrary which houses their 10 Step Instructional Program. In this program you will learn how to setup, run and market your new online business.

The website businesses offered at Pure-Ecommerce include everything you need to get started down the right path including:

· Premium Domain Name
· High Quality Web Design
· Specified Number of Drop Shipped Products Loaded to the Site for You
· Drop Ship Product Vendors Researched in Specified Market
· Drop Ship Product Vendors Contacted & Applied to Setup Relationship
· Approved Product Vendor Relationships Transferred at Time of Purchase
· User-friendly Shopping Cart with Many Features
· Search Engine Optimization Services Provided
· Site Map Submitted to Google
· Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Blog Accounts Setup
· Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Blog Icons Connected to Your Home page
· Matching Social Media Pages
· Matching Business Card Design
· jQuery Slide Show Feature
· Product Zoom Feature Built In
· Product Review/Product Rating Feature
· Wish List Built In
· Unlimited Technical Support
· Email Accounts in Your Site's Name
· Mobile Marketing Site (Not included with Custom Sites)

To find out more about Pure-Ecommerce and how the process works watch this video as CEO, Jennifer Varner, gives a brief overview of Pure-Ecommerce

Do you want to work with a reputable company as you search for your internet business? Click HERE to Review the 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pure-Ecommerce. To find out more about this ecommerce consulting company and the exceptional services they offer, go to www.

It’s time to start ruling your life in the New Year!  Create a New You with your New Internet Business that you can work anytime and from anywhere while you find your key to ecommerce success!

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