Reason #4: The Future is Here....and It's Ecommerce!

Reason #4: The Future is Here....and It's Ecommerce!

The days of fighting crowds and going to shopping malls to find the latest and greatest products is almost something of the past. As a new door has opened for consumers and it is ECOMMERCE! This is now more evident as the results from Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been released this week. Even with the newly introduced “Thanksgiving Thursday” the brick and mortar could not compare to the click and buy ease of online shopping!

Comparing Black Friday (Brick and Mortar Shopping) to Cyber Monday (Online Shopping)

Yahoo Finance reports, “More consumers shopped online yesterday than on Black Friday and online receipts rose”, here’s a comparison of the numbers….

  • Sales were up 20.6% compared to 2012 Cyber Monday sales according to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.
  • Adobe's Digital Index said Cyber Monday sales totaled $2.29 billion this year, up 16% from last year. 
  • More than 17% of shoppers placed their online orders from their mobile phones, a 55.4% year-over-year increase reports IBM.
  • ShopperTrak reported that traffic at stores on Black Friday fell 11.4% and revenue plunged 13.2% compared with 2012 figures.
  • The National Retail Federation expects total holiday sales to grow 3.9% this year versus last year. 
  • However, early reports from last weekend’s holiday shopping extravaganza paint a slightly different picture: consumers spent $1.7 billion less than they did in 2012 and the amount each consumer spent on average this year dropped to $407.02 from $423.55 in 2012.
Cyber Monday began in 2005 as a marketing ploy to entice consumers to head to their computers, phones and tablets versus standing in long lines in their local shopping centers. Cyber Monday has ranked just behind Black Friday as one of the most profitable days of the year for retailers, but the tides are turning as ecommerce is becoming the true leader in shopping for the holiday season!

The future of shopping is through ecommerce businesses!

Ecommerce brings a larger assportment and specialty products to consumers from anywhere in the world. This has driven shopping online to rise in popularity in recent years. Plus online shopping can be done from almost anywhere – your home, your office, your computer, your phone and your tablet. This is allowing consumers the freedom and flexibility to shop when they want and to find what they want to purchase to fulfill their lives.

That is why Pure-Ecommerce would like to share these compelling details about the thriving and ever expanding ecommerce industry. If you have been thinking of starting an ecommerce business, but not sure where to start – let Pure-Ecommerce be your guide.

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