Five Compelling Reasons to Own an Online Pet Business

Do you have a passion for pets? Are you searching for an internet business with a large target market and that is recession proof? Then you should consider owning an online pet business! Most people look back to their childhood and remember a four-legged friend that followed them everywhere. The love of pets starts when you are a youngster and continues as you grow to have your own family. The love of a pet is ever lasting and you will most likely own many pets throughout your lifetime.  "The strong growth in the pet industry demonstrates what an important role pets are playing in the lives of Americans," says Bob Vetere, APPA COO and managing director. "They have become a part of the family. Spending across all sectors, from pet food and veterinarian care to toys and treats, reflects what lengths we are willing to go to for our pets."Whether it is a furry feline, posh pooch, loving lizard or funny fish - a pet is an instant part of your family! Just like you and your family, a pet needs not only lots of love, but great pet products to keep them happy and healthy. The pet product industry is booming and Pure-Ecommerce would like to give you five compelling reasons to own an online pet business.

Whether you are a pet owner or not you should consider owning your own pet internet business and here's why......

1. Pet Industry is Booming 
Americans are in love with their pets as in 2013 pet owners spent an estimated $55.53 billion on our cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses and other pets, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). In 2014, pet expenditures are estimated to top $57 billion in the US alone. Total U.S. pet industry expenditures have grown from $17 billion in 1994 to the present as we mentioned above at $55.53 billion in 2013. The industry is expected to continue to grow 4% annually to $67.56 billion in 2018. It is evident this market is only expanding and growing so why not become an online pet business owner!

2. Large Target Market
According to the 2013-2014 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, in the US, 68% of households own a pet (that means 82.5 million homes). Pet ownership is projected to increase 2.2% through 2018. That is a huge market potential!

It is not just families with children owning pets - this large target market includes singles, young married couples and baby boomers/empty nesters who now own a pet as their children are moving out of the household. Furthermore, this market not only includes the most popular household pets - cats and dogs, but other pets including fish, reptiles, rodents, horses, and many many more......All pet owners want to find the latest and greatest product to enhance the lives of their pets. This leads us to discuss the endless possibilities on the type of pet website business you can own.

3. Possibilities are Endless.....
Posh Pet Boutique OR One-Stop-Shop Pet Store - it is your choice! When you are thinking of starting an online pet business you will first need to decide - do you want to own a business that caters to a certain type of pet or all pets? This will lead you to thinking, do you want to offer products that are on the higher end, more economic or middle of the road? The possibilities are simply endless! You can either create a posh pet boutique catering to dogs and cats only or you have the ability to create a one-stop-shop super store for everything for pets. The key is honing in on your target market - who do you want to serve and what types of products fit their needs. Then go forth an start your pet internet business!

4. Vast Product Collection 
The trend of “pet parents” shows an increasing demand for premium pet products and services as pets are considered to be members of the household and consumers are indulging their pets. Upscale pet products will continue to increase in demand due to the ongoing trend of “pet parents.” Consumers are looking for pet supplies on factors other than the lowest price. A return to small pet businesses is expected as pet owners are looking for pet boutiques that cater to “pet parents” rather than big box stores. They are also looking to the variety and specialty products they are finding at online pet stores. As there are simply thousands and thousands of pet products on the market so you will have your "pick of the litter" (so to speak). You will want to develop your own mix of pet products in order to meet the needs of the pet owners who are shopping at your store. Your pet product collection shall include an assortment of necessities and essentials, like beds, food, collars, gear and so on. As well as, trendy products for pets and their owners, such as clothing, personalized products and much more!  As a small business you can cater your product offerings to meet this demand. 

5. Flexibility & Freedom When You Own a Drop Ship Pet Internet Business 
Operating an online ecommerce business allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and you can determine your own work schedule. By becoming the owners of a pet online business means you can say goodbye to the same 'ole, same 'ole of your 9-5 job! The way you can experience this freedom and flexibility is by choosing to work with drop ship pet product vendors. Many pet supply manufacturers are willing to drop ship their products directly to your customer so you are not required to carry any bulky or expensive product inventory. This decreases overhead and allows you more time to focus on running your business and building relationships with your “pet parent” customers. By becoming the owner of a pet online business you can become your own boss and be in charge of your own future! If you’re passionate about pets, this can be an exciting opportunity for you.

Pure-Ecommerce offers pet internet business in a box which not only come loaded with a great collection of drop ship pet products and the initial vendor relationships setup for you. When you purchase an internet business for sale at Pure-Ecommerce you will also receive 40 hours of ecommerce consulting to help you setup, learn to run and market your ecommerce business.

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and become the owner of a pet website business owner! Then contact us to request more information to find out more about the pet internet businesses for sale at Pure-Ecommerce and find out how we can help you find your key to ecommerce success!

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