Today We Celebrate!

Today is a very special day for me personally. Seven years ago today I was broke, about to lose my home, separated from my husband, and very scared for my future. On a wing and a prayer I sat down and thought about what could I offer others that would benefit their life while still making an income for my family.

Pure-Ecommerce was born! I love, love, love to share my story. NOT to boast about my success or my life, but to inspire other people. Sometimes I think about my life and sort of giggle. How did I end up here. How did I make it through so much and end up living in Maui. My life is like a cheesy infomercial in a lot of ways.

I went through bankruptcy, separation, my husband's cancer, and then my breast cancer while pregnant. Fast forward seven years and I am happy, healthy, and living in Maui, HI!!! Pinch Me :)

Believe me, there was a time I wanted to give up! For instance, when I was pregnant while going through chemo, I really wanted to walk away from my company and become a cancer patient. However, I couldn't - I had to be strong for my kids and the company I was building! I decided in that moment to double the size of my company, and take it to it's maximum potential. And I did just that despite my illness.

This is my story..I own it..I love it..And I am very proud and grateful.

Anything is possible with hard work and a believe in your ability to overcome. Never give up..No matter what your situation you can overcome, survive, and land on top.

Today I celebrate Seven Years in business!!! I would like to thank my amazing co-workers who I am proud to call friends! Without you guys I would be nowhere. I am honored to come to work each day and share my life with you.

To my amazing clients who let me take part in one of the most exciting times in their lives-starting a business.

Don't become a victim of your circumstance - Be the hero of your life!

Help us Celebrate Lucky Number 7....

About the Author 
Jennifer Varner is the CEO and Founder of Pure-Ecommerce offers complete ready to go ecommerce businesses in box which include 40 hours of step by step consultation and mentoring. She is also a breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur and ecommerce expert. Find out more about Jennifer Varner and her story by visiting


Dressy GirlK said...

Congrats on 7 years Jen!!!

Erica Tetuan said...

Love this story. So glad that you executed your idea. I would not be where I am if you hadn't. Congratulations!