5 Compelling Reasons to Own a Baby Internet Business

5 Compelling Reasons to Own a Baby Internet Business

Did you know a baby is born approximately every 4 seconds?!?! According to BabyCenter.com there are just over 4 million babies are born in the United States each year. This is a target market that is always growing and expanding which means there are parents and grandparents always looking for the latest products to shower their new little bundle of joy!

The "mom" community has tremendous consumer power and they are a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to providing the latest and best products to fit the needs of their family. They are also up on the latest trends, products and advice. They also are more powerful in numbers meaning there are many "mommy" groups out there and they are constantly communicating about the products they are purchasing and using which means a product that becomes a hit with this group are guaranteed success!

In this post Pure-Ecommerce will share with you five compelling reasons you should own a baby internet business that will market baby products to this expanding and powerful niche market. 

1. Babies are a Booming Business
According to IBIS the global baby care product industry caters to around 4 million babies on a yearly basis, generating retail revenue of nearly $7 billion, according to Packaged Facts.
There is continued growth estimated by Global Industry Analysis, as the Baby Care Products Market will reach $66.8 Billion Globally by 2017.

2. Not a Crawl, but a Run!
That's right, no creeping or crawling for the Online Baby Product Sales industry, it learned to run before it could crawl. Furthermore, there are no signs of it slowing down either! The strong growth is attributed to the ease of online shopping and a rise in consumer spending since the recession. Not only is it parents and grandparents going online to find great baby products, but also shoppers who are searching for the perfect baby gift. 

3. Products a Plenty
Not only has demand grown due to a rising number of babies to be catered to, but the types of products in this particular industry is simply amazing. From bibs and bottles to cribs and clothing - a baby has a large number of necessities in the first few years of life. Product innovation and development has allowed retailers and manufactures to widen the market, using new technologies and advanced marketing approaches. 

When becoming the owner of a baby online business it is up to you if you want to cater to the masses or offer a specialized group of products. For instance, you could run a baby boutique offering stylish nursery furniture and decor. You may want to offer all baby gear to include everything baby needs at home and travel. You could also focus on a certain demographic - newborns and infants, newborns to toddlers, girls only, boys only, and list the goes on......It is really up to you - you decide which area you want to focus and then develop your product collection based on the needs of your target market.

4. Easy Entry into the Baby Market
The barriers to entry into the Online Baby Product Sales industry are relatively low. Overall, online retail industries represent a growing segment of the economy. Entrepreneurs who start online businesses are essentially tapping into the increasing online connectivity of the US population. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable and adept at shopping for goods online and making purchases via the Internet. Furthermore, the market for baby products remains relatively constant in line with the number of births.

5. Birth of a Baby Internet Business
Owning an online baby store could be the right fit for you if you are passionate about providing great baby products to enhance the lives of babies and their parents. Owning an internet business can give you the freedom and flexibility to work from any location and your own schedule. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom/dad, working professional or grandparent who has the desire to start and own your own business - this could be a great fit for you! The key is working with drop ship baby vendors so you will not need to carry any product inventory. 

To find out more about the perks of drop shipping and to see the baby internet businesses for sale at Pure-Ecommerce, visit us at www.pure-ecommerce.com

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