Love What You Do & Live the Sweet Life!

Today is Valentine's Day which should make you think about about LOVE! Then it leads to the following questions:
  • Do you love what you do? 
  • Are you passionate about your job? 
  • Are you looking for a deeper fulfillment? 
  • Do you have the desire to live the "sweet" life and be your own boss?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then let Pure-Ecommerce show you the way! Our CEO, Jennifer Varner, started her first online maternity store over 7 years ago. It brought in $7,000 in sales in its first month and $100,000 by the end of the first year. Was this an easy and overnight success - no - it came with very hard work, dedication and a drive to brand her store, define her concept and have a clear target market.

Some people approach ecommerce as an "easy" way to make money. Yes, there are many easy aspects of owning an ecommerce business especially if you choose to work with drop ship vendors. You have the ease of processing orders, not having to hold inventory, plus the majority of your resources are at your fingertips by going online. However, it takes time, dedication and hard work to create your brand in the online marketplace.

This is why Jennifer had the inclination to create Pure-Ecommerce 7 years ago. When building her own online store she saw the need to assist other inspiring entrepreneurs by showing others the methods and techniques that are effective when running your own internet business.

Jennifer explains, "That's when I developed this very methodical, step-by-step consulting process. I knew the steps we needed to go through to get her up and running the quickest. So she had this foundation of a great-looking site, a great domain name, great products and somebody to mentor her through the process." The Pure-Ecommerce process is comprised of 10 steps - the process begins by being consulted on the best practices to setup your internet business, moves into how to work your new site then onto the latest SEO and online marketing techniques to showcase your online store. The internet businesses in a box for sale also include 40 hours of ecommerce consulting, as well as, access to our exclusive ELearning Library. Clients can work at their own pace and our consultants are an email, support ticket or phone call away!

It is true the barrier of entry to get online is so easy. It may be pretty simple for some to acquire their own vendors, have a site designed and put it online. However, the actual running and marketing of the website business is the key piece to helping create a successful online store. If you don't educate yourself as to what needs to be done, what goes into doing it you may fail, but the choice is up to you! You need to have the desire and drive to push yourself to achieve success!

Today - you decide.....Do you love what you do? Do you want to live the sweet life?

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